UNITED HEAVY TRANSPORT serves excellent quality service in every aspect of our operations. Therefore, our management supports and is committed to ensure that identified environmental aspects, health, safety and security risks under our control are managed.

The identification, management and mitigation of HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment) risks related to the operation of our vessels have our utmost priority. Risks shall be mitigated as low as reasonably practicable. UNITED HEAVY TRANSPORT encourages everybody taking part in the cargo and ship operation to live our safety culture accordingly. The slogan we apply is: “Safety starts with you and me”.


Our objectives

  • To prevent injuries to employees and persons ashore and onboard ships
  • To protect and conserve the environment
  • To avoid damage to property
  • To comply with relevant legislation and international conventions in practice and principle at all levels onboard and in the company

Our policies

  • Maintaining high standards of safety awareness and protection of the environment through relevant training for all involved personnel
  • Employing qualified, motivated and properly certified personnel both shore-based and at sea
  • Continuously improving of our personnel’s abilities and skills to guarantee business success
  • Motivating the staff and promoting their participation in safety and environmental protection
  • Ensuring that documented Company procedures are strictly followed
  • Taking into considerations all mandatory and relevant rules, regulations, codes and guidelines and other industry standards
  • Frequently monitoring and analyzing the implemented procedures and received data on effectiveness
  • Assessing all identified risks to personnel, ships, cargo and the environment and establishing appropriate safeguards